As the French say, "C'est l'arbre qui cache le forêt" - It is the tree that hides the forest. There are many sites covering the day-to-day of Africa's technology revolution, but we also need commentary that keeps sight of the bigger picture.

The Subtext is my attempt to provide this perspective. You can expect long-form essays, newsletters, podcasts, events - thoughtfully put together to explore the deployment of technology and venture capital on the continent. As anyone reading this knows, the internet has had profound implications for people, businesses, and societies in Africa, like the rest of the world. The Subtext tries to work out the 'how', the 'why now?', and 'what it means'.

This is not going to be a steady stream of updates. But if I succeed, it will always be worth your time.

The Subtext is written and published by me, Osarumen Osamuyi. I've worked in a variety of roles in the tech ecosystem: most recently, at Meta, enabling social selling for Instagram and WhatsApp merchants.

The Subtext is designed in Figma, built with HTML, CSS, & Twig for Craft 3, and hosted on Amezmo. Image compression is done using Imager. Stats are tracked using Google Analytics. Infrastructure is provided by GCP. Email & contact management are done using Sendgrid. Posts are written in Notion, on a MacBook Pro with a keyboard that only works when it's in the right mood (but thanks for the TouchBar, @Apple!).